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Nuts About Mutts; Surrey Dog Walker And Trainer

Nuts About Mutts, Surrey Dog Walker & Trainer. Blog Post By Pawesome Pet Tags. April 2020
Nuts About Mutts, Surrey Dog Walker & Trainer

Young dog enthusiast and small business owner Indra Herrmann never stopped chasing her dream to one day turn her passion for animals into a full time career.

Through much hard work and determination, Indra was able to turn this dream into a reality and finally opened her own business, Nuts About Mutts; a Surrey based dog walking and training service.

Learn more about the young women behind Nuts About Mutts, the level of care she provides to all her customers and how she has adapted her business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Should you be interested or looking for a dog walker or trainer in the Epsom Downs, Surrey area we most definitely recommend Nuts About Mutts! She's an absolute hero!!

Contact Indra here:


Indra Herrmann's Story; The Young Woman Behind 'Nuts About Mutts'

Nuts About Mutts; Surrey Dog Walker & Trainer, Blog Post By Pawesome Pet Tags. April 2020
Indra Herrmann's Story: Nuts About Mutts

Hi! My name is Indra Herrmann. I’m 21 years old and I own Nuts about Mutts – Dog Training and Walking.

After finishing college at NESCOT doing an Extended Diploma in Animal Management, I got myself a job at a Doggy Daycare facility as a Daycare Assistant (I’d actually done my first years’ work experience here too) and absolutely fell in love with the whole idea of spending all day every day with dogs – I mean who wouldn’t want that?! After almost 12 months in this role looking after puppies and dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds, I had the opportunity to travel to Australia and obviously I took it! I spent 11 months alone on the other side of the world and, I can’t lie, I hated almost every second of it. During this time, all I could think about were my dogs at work – Did they miss me as much as I missed them? Will they remember me when I come back? Would I even have a job to go back to? I had to get home. So, I did, July 2018 I came home and unfortunately, I had no daycare job to come back to either. I did some temp work in an office for 4 months before deciding enough was enough. I needed dogs in my life!

I spent a few weeks deciding what I wanted to do, how I was going to go about it and what my goals were within my business. I set out with the goal of becoming a dog walker and being busy enough to support myself before potentially employing somebody else if I were to become too busy to operate alone. My first ever client happened to be a reactive German Shepherd, she was a rescue from Cyprus and it was my job to sit with her in her house and play with her before eventually walking her and helping with her issues. Before I knew it, I was taking on more and more reactive dogs and I was loving it! I love to see their progress with me, with their owners and just with their issues in general!

Since starting my business, I have done training courses with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training), Pet First Aid and am studying Canine Psychology and Behaviour with the ISCP (International School of Canine Psychology). I am always learning different ways to help dogs excel in all areas of their lives!

The quality of these tags is second to none. I have some rough playing dogs, biters, rollers, you name it, I’ve got it on my team of Nutters somewhere… and not one of the tags have been damaged at all. They are super shiny and soft but completely scratch proof. They are the perfect size for all of my dogs and also provide that extra level of safety for not only me, but the dogs and their owners too. I am so happy to be an extra contact number on my dogs’ lists! The girls at Pawesome Pet Tags are so friendly. The service as a whole was very quick, easy and straightforward. As soon as my tags arrived, I recommended the girls to all my dog walker/boarder/trainer professional friends and I know a few have been in contact already to get theirs!

Since lockdown, I have been following social distancing rules when walking my dogs with superhero key worker parents as well as doing some behaviour consultations online, including Zulu the 12-week-old Tibetan Mastiff X Caucasian Shepherd. These have been over video call. No matter how big or small the issue may be, there is never the wrong time to start training! So, if I can provide even a small insight for you and your dogs’ problems please do get in contact and we can arrange something to kick start your training progress. I am loving seeing updates from all of my dogs while they are at home. I have taught so many owners the magic of enrichment so seeing their at home enrichment activities really does make my day! Prior to lockdown I was planning puppy classes and group walks as well as a few more surprises! So, once lockdown is over, I have a whole load of fun things coming to Nuts about Mutts! Watch this space!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for your daily doggy fix! @nutsaboutmuttss

Stay Nutty x


Nuts About Mutts Surrey Dog Walker & Trainer. Blog Post By Pawesome Pet Tags. April 2020
Nuts About Mutts Surrey Dog Walker & Trainer

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Written by Scarlett O'Reilly, Pawesome Pet Tags.

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