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Meet the sisters behind Pawesome Pet Tags

Check out this exclusive interview with The Four Legged Foodie and meet the sisters behind Pawesome Pet Tags.

Who is behind Pawsome Pet Tags?

Pawesome Pet Tags is a UK small family business run by sisters, Hannah & Scarlett 😊

How did you get the idea for Pawsome Pet Tags?

Our dad actually made the first ever Pawesome Pet Tag! He made ID tags for our adventurous family pets who were always loosing and damaging their pet tags. His creation quickly became popular amongst our neighbours, family and friends and so Hannah took this idea and began selling pet tags as a side hustle alongside her Uni studies.

2012 vs 2019

What was your plan at the beginning and has it changed?

Using the same durable print and dome technique, the business has had a complete makeover with new designs, updated website and has flourished into a full time small business currently selling in 8 independent UK pet shops.

How many employees did you start with and how many do you have now?

We’re still a small operation with Scarlett running day-to-day operations and Hannah processing orders and heading special projects.

What do you attribute your success to?

Starting a small business is hard and comes with a lot of uncertainty at the beginning. The one thing that kept us going, was our belief in our product. We know that our dog tags are the most durable dog tags on the market – plus they look fantastic! – so our passion to educate dog owners and provide them with the quality they deserve has been the driving force of the business.

What is unique about Pawsome Pet Tags?

Our materials and making process is incredibly unique to the pet tag market. Our print and dome method, passed down from our Granddad, is traditionally used in the manufacturing and motor industry. We’ve harnessed this method to provide dog owners with high quality dog tags; bright, bold and limitless in design and unbeatable in durability – contact details are always clear, readable and never fade away.

Do you have plans to expand Pawsome Pet Tags product range?

Last year we expanded our range of designs to include various dog breed faces and customised dog tags. A personal favourite was our child drawing dog tag, check out little Flo’s artwork here!

For Christmas we expanded our Pawesome range to include gifts for dog lovers with the addition of personalised photo products like Christmas baubles, keyrings and cufflinks.

At the moment we’re focussed on growing our customer reach, however we are always experimenting with new pet tag shapes and sizes - so keep your eyes peeled!

How, who and where are the tags designed and made?

Each dog tag is handmade at Hannah’s home office. We treat every single order with the care and personal touch you can only get from a small family business.

Can you remember the first time you thought ‘Wow’ about your business?

Our first ‘wow’ moment was back in 2013. This summer we went to lots of local dog shows and event, meeting customers face to face for the first time. Visitors to the stall were obsessed with picking up our pet tags, scratching the top and watching it fade away as if by magic. It made the super early starts worth it!!

We really saw the potential of growth when we started experimenting by putting pet business logos on our pet tags and taking this to the trade shows. Customers LOVED it! It showed us a new lead for what was just a hobby at the time and gave hope that just maybe we really can run our own business like Dad.

More recently, 2020 was a real game changer for us. We’ve always seen the potential in our business and this past year has shown us just how much dog owners love our high quality products and the excellent customer service we provide. We are now selling our tags with other independent online pet retailers such as D For Dog, Dotty 4 Paws & Scruffy Little Terrier. It’s been so exciting for us to work with companies we used to admire from afar and have loved getting to know the incredible business-women behind them.

What do you do to relax?

For Scarlett, a candle lit bubble bath, glass of red and an episode of the Crown before bed.

For Hannah, a lovely local country walk with the hubby and two little ones (and maybe a gin before bed!).

Is community and sustainability something that is important to Pawsome Pet Tags?

As individuals, we are extremely environmentally conscious and community based. With regards to the business, we are currently looking into a recycling initiative that will let dog owners recycle their old dog tags with us to avoid unnecessary landfill and waste. All our packaging in recyclable and we are constantly looking into ways to be as sustainable as possible.

What’s the best bit about Pawsome Pet Tags?

Working together as sisters, friends and business partners.

What do you do when you aren’t doing Pawsome Pet Tags?

Scarlett is an actress & model too! You might spot her doing an ad on the TV or modelling for an independent skincare brand…

Hannah is a full time mum to two gorgeous toddlers AND also works part time for HelloFresh!

What is your dream for Pawsome Pet Tags?

We currently sell on our own website, Etsy and various independent online pet retailers. We have high hopes to continue to secure partnerships with top online marketplaces like Not On The High Street, and eventually break through to larger pet retailers like Pets At Home and Pets Corner.

Ultimately, we want educated dog owners on why it is important to consider the quality of their dog tags & continue to expand our small business to eventually become the ‘go-to’ pet tag supplier for dog owners & pet businesses.

From our family to yours,

Scarlett & Hannah

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