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Dotty 4 Paws Product Review

Pawesome Pet Tags are proud partners of Dotty 4 Paws; the dedicated dog directory and empawrium. Here is what Dotty 4 Paws owner Kate Taylor had to say when reviewing their durable dog tags.

Pawesome Pet Tags custom logo dog tag

Dotty 4 Paws product review - Pawesome Pet Tags

Over the last week or so, we have been busy putting Pawesome Pet Tags to the test. This new funky range of Dog Identity tags claim to possess super powers! Intrigued, I was keen to find out more.

Pawesome Pet Tags – A Family Affair

Pawesome Pet Tags is the brainchild of sister duo, Hannah and Scarlett. What started as a bit of a hobby for Hannah whilst she was funding her way through her studies at University, has become a labour of love. She now earns her living creating vibrant tags for the nation’s pampered pooches.

Business partner Scarlett, meanwhile, is a budding actress. However, due to the recent pandemic has focused her attentions on the family enterprise and the relaunching of Pawesome Pet Tags.

Creating bold, bright and fun designs, this ambitious duo are on a mission to become one of the leading pet tag suppliers.

Tags Are Law

Come rain or shine, getting out and about for a walk with my girls is the highlight of every day. Watching Pops and Gertie race across the Wiltshire countryside together, exploring new sniffs and smells, fills me with insurmountable joy. They rarely go out of my sight, but on the odd occasion they do, it’s a heart stopping moment!

I’m lucky that Pops and Gertie both have very good recall, and come back to me reliably. (You can read more about my recall tips in my blog How to Teach Your Puppy Good Recall) However, no matter how well trained your dog is, preparing for the unexpected is essential. You never know when they might get carried away and find the scent of a bird or a bunny too irresistible to ignore!

Like with anything, prevention is better than cure and one thing you should always do, is make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag.

In fact, did you know that it’s actually law in the UK for your dog to wear an Identity tag? Failure to comply could land you a very hefty fine indeed, a fine of up to £5000 believe it or not.

What Information Should a Dog Identity Tag Include?

So what information should a dog tag include? Well, as a minimum it should (according to the Control of Dogs Order 1992) include the following:

  • Your Name and Address: This is a basic legal requirement and means that should your dog go missing, they can be returned to you easily. If the tag has little space, just your surname, house number and postcode is sufficient.

  • Your Phone Number: You want people to be able to contact you as soon as your dog is found.

  • ‘I am Microchipped’: It is a legal requirement for dogs in the UK to be microchipped. Adding this information to your dog’s tag means that should they go missing, they can be scanned at the vet and reunited with you as quickly as possible.

You can include your dog’s name on the tag, although I would do so with caution. It makes it much easier for thieves to steal your dog and the heartache of that is just unimaginable.

The Dog Identity Tag with Scratch Proof Super Powers

So what is so unique about Pawesome Pet Tags? Well, aside from their bold designs and catchy slogans (which I’ll talk more about later) their identity tags have super powers! [Or should that be Supaw Powers!]

Yes you read that right, a pet tag with Super Powers! Unlike all the other tags my girls have ever owned, these little beauties are scratch proof. Meaning that your personal details are protected forever and will not fade should your dog go astray.

If the tag inadvertently does get scratched, whilst tearing through the undergrowth or squeezing under gateways, they actually ‘heal’ themselves, in so much as the scratches pop back out.

Intrigued to see if this was the case, I naturally had to try it out and to my amazement it’s true! [In fact I didn’t have to try too hard – Gertie’s puppy teeth were soon putting their promise to the test!]

A tag for every Pawsonality

Whether you have a Cheeky Chappy, or a Perfect Princess, Pawesome Pet Tags have a design to suit every pawsonality, breed and size of pup.

From the ‘Treat Guzzler’ to the ‘Barking Mad,’ the ‘Grumpy Old Man’ to the ‘Drama Queen.’ You’ll literally be spoilt for choice.

What’s more, if your furry friend has a health condition, they have a range of pet tags to alert others to their needs.

As well as a range of simple designs. bearing serious messages about your dog’s health, they have tags that are in keeping with their light-hearted, humorous ethos.

Tags bearing the slogan ‘Blind As A Bat,’ ‘Baby on Board’ or ‘I Can’t See Sh*t!’ make others aware of your dog’s medical requirements in a jovial, but informative manner.

The tags are available double or single sided. The double sided tags are £9.99. They are supplied with a choice of split rings to attach them to your dog’s collar. This is such a good idea so you can choose the size to suit your dog.

Bark About Your Brand

As well as a fabulous range of eye-catching designs of their own, Pawesome Pet Tags also supply branded ID tags that can incorporate company logos.

I’ve stayed in a couple of places now where they have given Poppy a dog tag when we’ve arrived. It’s a great idea, not least for your dog’s safety, [should they decide to take a little sight-seeing tour of their own] but a fabulous way to promote their business.

I also love keeping them as a souvenir to remind me of our holiday!

Thanks to the unique dome-shaped design of the tags it makes it easy to adapt to different designs. They are ideal not just for the hospitality industry, but also for working dogs, dog groomers, doggy day care centres and dog walkers alike.

Many places give them away free. After all, they’re a low cost and effective way of marketing. What better way to spread the word of your dog-friendly or dog-related business than by encouraging your customers to take a cute photo of their dog and post it on social media for all to see.

Talking of which, do check out Pawesome Pet Tag’s Instagram page and give them a follow. There’s lots of images of cute furry faces proudly wearing their ID Tags.

Make your pup the envy of every pooch in the park and treat them to a new tag.

A huge thank you to Hannah and Scarlett for asking us to put their Pawesome Pet Tags to the test. We will certainly be recommending them to our friends and family.

Woofs and Wags

Kate, Pops and Gertie



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