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Baking dog treats at home (featuring PawBakes).

We have been gripped, like many others, by the GBBO bug - even with its recent change to Channel 4. While a soft spot still longs for Mel and Sue we've nonetheless tuned in and salivated as we watched the armatures take on their bakes.

But what can we bake for our fur-babies? Enter PawBakes...

PawBakes are an award winning baking kit that enables us animal lovers to bake pet friendly treats at home. My Doggie Cupcake Baking Kit even came with the cupcake cases I needed. Simples!

Here is my Pawbakes experience step by step:

  1. Ingredients and equipment at the ready. Cupcake cases in cupcake tray. Oven on

  2. Ingredients in bowl. The recipie says to add 1 tbsp of vegetable oil which I didn't have in the cupboard. I did however have Olive Oil and after a quick google, I found this article advising it would be safe for the doggies,

  3. Beware, it looks like peanut butter, it smells like peanut butter, but remember it's NOT peanut butter!

  4. Whip (phew, no need for electric whisk that stunned poor Florence last time!)

  5. Distribute wet ingredients evenly into cupcake cases

  6. Pop in the oven for 16-18 mins.

  7. Take out and leave to cool on baking tray. I found they were darker and more dense than human cupcakes so no need to do the 'how bouncey is my sponge' test.

  8. Melt the PawBakes choc buttons in the microwave. The chocolate didn't melt into a runny substance as you find with human chocolate, rather it turned into a softer clay-like texture which I rolled up and made into little circular toppings. Actually far neater than any toppings I've done on my human bakes!

  9. Take a picture for our bestie Cookie to prompt an invite to tea!

Obviously I didn't do a taste test however they certainly got Cookie's tail wagging! And after practicing some restraint so we could get a few pics of Cookie with the PawBakes box (and removing the cupcake cases!) the cupcakes we happily munched upon.

Thanks PawBakes for the innovative product, fun treat for the doggies and guilt-free baking experience! We will be keeping a close eye on what else you may deliver in the future.

You can find your own PawBakes Baking Kit direct from their website, Amazon or Ocado.

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