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Flyball Team - Flea Jumperz, Hampshire Surrey

When Pawesome Pet Tags started (trading under PolyPetTags at the time), attending dog-events around Surrey and surrounding areas we were introduced to many fantastic activities for energetic doggies and passionate owners; one of which was Flyball.

With dogs racing against each other in parallel lanes, leaping over hurdles, retrieve toys and pelting back to their encouraging human - fun was to be had by all! Even spectators can join in! The aim of course, is for your team of 4 dogs to be the first to complete the relay race without any faults. Practice and perseverance is key!

Flyball doesn't just have to be a one-off activity at a public event, there are plenty of excellent classes and teams to join in your local area. One we (Pawesome Pet Tags) have been working with and providing customised logo pet tags to for a few years is Flea Jumperz, based in Hampshire (Surrey).

Flea Jumperz has over 5 years of experience in Flyball and are always actively seeking new members to join their family run club. Their beginners course spans across 6 weeks with each session running for about 45 minutes. Any breed, shape or size is welcome. The only condition is they must have a love for balls and is reasonable at recall! Once you've completed the course, you can join the club for fun or move onto the Intermediate course.

Want to get in touch? Find more info and contact details on the Flea Jumperz website

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