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QR Dog Tag - Dog Name Tag - Personalised Dog Tag

QR Dog Tag - Dog Name Tag - Personalised Dog Tag


We are delighted to partner with QBell technology to bring you a custom QR pet tag. 


Keep your contact details instantly updated via your QR code (and your personalised details will also be printed on the reverse to comply with The Control of Dogs Order). 


So why use a QR Code?

Using the QBell technology, if your beloved pet ever strays and someone scans the QR code, you'll get instant notifications when your pet is found and you'll be able to connect with them in realtime.


What Customers Say:

"Brilliant! It took me a few minutes to set up and add some contact and microchip information and it looks pretty good on Chappie's collar. No monthly fee is also a big plus from us" Jason (Chappie)


"No subscriotion was a big bonus for me, and it was so useful I bought one for my own keys too 😂" Myah (Piper)


How does the QBell Pet Tag Work?

The QR Pet Tags are powered by QBell's privacy-protecting communications technology. This lets you connect your handset to the tag, so that when your pet is recovered, the finder can scan the code to see vital information about your pet, and to contact you instantly, without needing your telephone number or personal details.


No subscription required!


About Pawesome Pet Tags

We're proud UK manufactures of dog ID tags. Ran by sister duo Hannah and Scarlett, we've harnessed the unique printing method passed down by our Dad (and his Dad!) to make bright, bold, playful but importantly, durable pet ID tags. Your tag will never chip or fade over time.

  • Looking for stylish dog tags that won't fade over time?

    We’ve harnessed a printing method that has been passed down through the generations from our Father and our Father’s Father, to create personalised dog tags that not only look great but are durable too. Our pet tags will not chip or fade away over time so your important contact information is always readable. This is why we say our Pawesome Pet Tags have scratch proof superpowers.

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