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Please Call My Mummy Dog Tag


Pawesome Pet Tags, the UK pet tags everyone wants to get their paws on! 


Let your pet's personality shine with these unique double sided dog tags coated in auto-grade resin to protect the tags colourful designs and your impawtent contact information so they never chip, rub or fade away over time. 


Simply wipe away any mud from adventures and the tag looks good as new after every walk.


Choose your background & text colours (see options in gallery)
Pick your favourite font (see options in gallery)
The front of the tag will read 'Please Call My Mummy'

The back of the tag will feature your contact details


3 strong split rings to attach to the dogs collar
Personalised gift note (optional)
Recyclable packaging 


Scratch proof, waterproof & lightweight
Bright & colourful
Completely personalised
Contact details never rub away or become unreadable
Handmade to order by the Pawesome sister duo


*** What should I put on my dogs tag? ***

By law, you must put the owners name, 1st line of your address, postcode and a telephone number is advisable. 


*** Should I put my dogs name on his tag? ***
You are not required by law to put your pets name on their ID tag. This is up to the owner.


*** How much can I fit on my pet tag? ***

There is no limit to how many characters we can fit on the tag, however we recommend sticking to 1 name, 1st line of your address, postcode and 1 telephone number for best visibility. 


Pleases note that the more information, the smaller the text. We will always organise your information to best fit onto the pet tag.