Giveaway - Instagram Giveaway - Giveaway Vouchers

Giveaway - Instagram Giveaway - Giveaway Vouchers


We frequently get asked to contribute prizes for giveaways on Instagram and whilst we enjoy collaborating and reaching new followers, this is not sustainable for us as a small business. 


From now on, we only want to collaborate with brands and dog accounts who have a genuine interest in helping small businesses. So we have created these pawesome vouchers for you buy on behalf of your giveaway winners and add into your prize packs. 


Here's how it will work:


- Select the voucher design you would like to include (YOU'RE A WINNER, YOU ARE PAWESOME or 'YOU'VE WON A FIVER / TENNER'). The code will be customised for every voucher. 

- Select the value you'd like the voucher to have (£5, £10 or £15)

- Enter your instagram handle into the text box so we can follow your account and promote your giveaway. We would still love to collaborate in the usual way of promoting each other and helping our accounts reach new audiences so do let us know any additional information e.g time of the giveaway, what it's in celebration of, any key #hashtags for you etc.

- Once your order has been placed we will customise your gift voucher with your chosen message, value and code and email you a copy. You can then print this off and add into your pri