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Dog Tag for Dog Walkers

Dog Tag for Dog Walkers


Are you looking to buy durable and customised pet tags in bulk for your dog related business? We have got you covered - it's what we specialise in. 


The sister duo behind Pawesome Pet Tags make and supply;

- pet tags for dog walkers

- pet tags for dog day care centre

- pet tags for flyball team

- pet tag for groomers

- pet tag for pet businesses


Add your business logo to the front and your important contact details to the back of the dog tag. Giving that added level of security having your contact details on the pets that are in your care, as well as unique brand awareness for your pet business. 


Simply enter your contact details to go onto the back of the tag using the text box and email us a PDF file of your business logo to Please give your order reference so we can easily match up the logo to your order. We will match your logo colours and font for the information side and send you a free digital mock up for you to approve.


Using a printing technique passed down the generations from our Father and our Father's Father, our printed custom dog tags are stylish and durable. Our pet tags to not scratch or chip over time. In fact, when the dogs are off rustling in the bushes or bashing their pet tag on the floor during dinner time, any scratches on the dog tag will pop back up again.


Easily attach to your customers dog collars using our split rings (3 different sizes are included in the price) or buy our trigger hooks here

  • Looking for stylish dog tags that won't fade over time?

    We’ve mastered a printing method that has been passed down through the generations from our Father and our Father’s Father, to create personalised dog tags that not only look great but are durable too. Our pet tags will not chip or fade away over time so your important contact information is always readable. This is why we say our Pawesome Pet Tags have scratch proof superpowers.

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