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Do Dog Day Care Centres have to provide dog tags?

By now we all know that Doggy Day Care Centres need a license to operate as a commercial business (1). With the pet industry growing and an increasing number of Dog Day Care Centres opening up as a result, statutory guidance was put into place in 2018 [2] and has more recently been updated this year in response to sharp increase of activity seen during the Pandemic [3].

As a manufacture of dog tags [4], one section in particular has caught my interest as it potentially answers one of my burning questions;

‘Do doggy day care centres have to put dog tags on the dogs they supervise?’

According to Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Section 25.2; when outside the premises, each dog must wear an identity tag which includes the license holder’s name and contact details.

We have an exercise field, do we still have to provide dog tags?

We hear you wondering - does this change in legislation apply to me?! Does this apply only to those who don’t have adequate outside space for the dogs to exercise and need to be taken ‘outside the premises’ to be walked in the woods for their daily exerise? Or does this also include going ‘outside the premises’, and into the secured field on site? In short, it all pins on the interpretation of ‘premises’ and whether this is the building itself or the boundary of the land as a whole.

'Better to be safe, than sorry'

Why does the interpretation of ‘outside the premises’ matter? At first read, the legislation appears subjective but don't confuse this for leniency. It may still be deemed crucial by your local authority it’s crucial, and whilst dog tags may seem like a costly exercise, it's also easy point to score and help you reach an outstanding rating. As manufactures of dog tags [6], we're starting to sound very biased! So we did some research and asked other what they think....

Our survey said…

We spoke to Dog Day Care business owners we work with, as well as our local council (who will be assessing the Dog Day Care centres and issuing licencing ratings in our area). The general consensus is, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Dog Day Care owners we spoke to acknowledged that this requirement has been included for a reason and whilst they have never experienced a lost or ‘escaped’ dog, they appreciated there are various risks in the daily life at a Doggy Day Care. For example, if a dog is injured and needs to be taken to the vet, that’s off the premises and you don’t want to be scrambling to find a dog tag when there’s an emergency. All the Dog Day Care business owners we spoke to had taken the decision to put dog tags on the dogs they supervise. The main reason they gave was because they didn’t want to loose ‘easy points’ in their license renewal and that an additional layer of security is ultimately, priceless.

When we spoke to our local authority, things became even clearer. For the local authority, they are less concerned about the costs to the Dog Day Care, their primary concern is the safety of the dogs. It is their role to identify potential risks to the dogs and reduce to eliminate these. Even if a Dog Day Care centre with an exercise field has never had an escape’ within 10 years of business, the potential risk is still there and so, the dogs should be wearing a dog tag with the license holders name and contact details.

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