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What is #dogsinyellow day?

On Sunday 20th March we'celebrate #dogsinyellow day and we're set to see our social media feeds brightened up with pops of yellow. But what is it all for? We've caught up with Sarah, Founder of 'My Anxious Dog' and creator of the #dogsinyellow awareness campaign. She told us what prompted #dogsinyellow day...

Bella was attacked by another dog when she was a puppy and this is where her fear of dogs started, it left her terrified. She would react to other dogs if they came too close either growling or lunging because she was scared. It prompted pitiful looks from passers by, as if you were stupid to own so a vicious or aggressive dog. It felt so infuriating to watch people tut, and drag their dog away once they have managed to grab their collars! People just don't realise what some of these anxious dogs have been through. So I wanted to find a way for our #dogsinyellow to be understood. Through compassionate awareness-raising, we will reach more unknowing dog owners and spread the understanding far and wide.

"All our #dogsinyellow want and need is some space, and then the world feels much less frightening."

Why Yellow?

Yellow is the official warning colour for caution. The human eye processes yellow first and it captures our attention more than any other colour so it can be seen from a distance.

Dressing your dog in yellow helps you tell the world that your dog needs space and time to get to know new people.

Where can I get yellow dog accessories?

My Anxious Dog has a brilliant range of products for you and your dog to wear - all yellow of course!

We've collaborated with them to design a matching yellow dog tag for anxious dogs too.

You can help raise awareness of #dogsinyellow day

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