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Dog Collar Charm - Microchipped Dog Tag - Dog Charm


2 tags for the price of one!


If you’re looking for a strong dog tag that won’t fade over time, you’ve come to the right place! Our non scratch dog tags do not chip over time.


We know some dog owners want dog tags that make a noise so you know where the little mischief maker is! So we've put together a bundle deal. Rather than buying a double sided dog tag (that would make limited noise) you can now buy our personalised dog tags and a customised dog collar charm for the same price (that's a saving of £2.51 just by buying them together). Put them back to back and the plain stainless steel backs will jingle as your dog moves. 


You can add your important contact details onto our 30mm personalised dog tags and a microchipped message of your choice onto the dog collar pet charm. Both our scratch proof personalised dog tag and pet charm can be customised by choosing from our range of fonts and colours.


For those who'd prefer silent dog tags that don't make noise, click here for our range of double sided dog tags here


P.S. This will make a 'gentle' jingle. If you want to hear where your dog is from a distance, then we recommend a dog collar bell that's specifically for that purpose!


* As we've already given a pawesome discount on this bundle, it cannot be bought using any other discounts or promotions such as our 3 for 2 offer. 


How to order:

  • Select your text colour for each pet tag
  • Select your background colour for each pet tag
  • Select your font for each pet tag
  • Enter your personal details to go onto your personalised pet tag and your dog collar charm
  • Select your quantity (these will always be in a pack of 2)
  • Leave the rest to us - we’ll dispatch within 3 working days