'What information should I include on my pet tag?'

There are two forms of identification your dog needs when out in a public place; a microchip and a pet tag.


Getting your pet microchipped is the best way of making sure you’re reunited if they get lost or stolen. Plus, it's actually a legal requirement for you (the owner).

Check out gov.uk, RSPCA, BlueCross, DogsTrust for lots of helpful information explaining exactly what microchipping is, where you can go to get your dog microchipped for free or what you can expect to pay for microchipping as well as the law requirements around microchipping your dog.

As not everyone is familiar with microchipping and what they should do if they ever find a lost pet, we designed a range of pet tags to give clear instructions to help reunite lost pets as quickly as possible.

A pet tag

What information should be on a dog tag?

Even if your dog is microchipped, they still need to wear a pet tag when out in a public place. By law, the only information you require to put on your dogs pet tag is the owners name and address (including postcode). However we'd recommend including at least one contact number for ease should you dog get lost.

As we use a unique printing method to make our Pawesome Pet Tags, we are able to make the contact details you have on your pet tag as big as possible so they are clear and readable should the worst happen and your dog go missing. For example, customers have given us a 'main' contact number and then a 'back up' contact number and we've been able to adjust the layout to best fit this all on.

Pawesome Pet Tags also have a range of alert pet tags so messages can be easily read such as vet details, medical alerts or if your dog is deaf or nervous, even pregnant!


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