Should I put my dogs name on their dog tag?

Should I put my dogs name on their dog tag?

In truth, it is completely up to your discretion. The (justified) concern of some is that someone with ill intentions could see your dog's name on their tag and use this to lure them away. Yes, some people are that evil and opportunistic! By law in the UK, you do need the owners surname (and address) but you do not need the dogs name. In fact, many reputable organisations advise against your dogs name on your dog tag.

When debating whether you should or shouldn't include your dogs name on their dog tag, let's go back to the core consideration - WHY do our dogs need to wear a dog tag? Yes, it's the law, but importantly, it's to give our contact information should the worst happen and we are separated from our dog. So if you're in doubt, ask yourself, do you NEED your dog's name. Probably not. All you NEED is the owners surname and address by law, we strongly recommend a contact number and vets number is necessary.

Click on the photo to check out our medical alert pet tags. If you need any advice on what information to put on your dogs tag, feel free to contact a member of the Pawesome Pet Tags team - we'd be more than happy to help!


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