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Should I put my dogs name on their dog tag?

By law in the UK, dog owners must clearly display their name, address and postcode on the dogs tag. However having your dogs name on it's identification tag is not required. In fact, many reputable organisations advise against your dogs name on your dog tag.

For more information on what information should I put on my dogs tag, visit the website.

Can I put my dogs name on their tag?

Of course! In truth, putting your dogs name on it's tag is completely up to your discretion. The (justified) concern of some is that someone with ill intentions could see your dog's name on their tag and use this to lure them away. Yes, some people are that evil and opportunistic!

When debating whether you should or shouldn't include your dogs name on their dog tag, let's go back to the core consideration - why do our dogs need to wear a dog tag? Yes, it's the law, but more importantly, it's to give our contact information so should the worst happen and we are separated from our dog, you can be quickly reunited. So if you're in doubt, ask yourself - do I need my dog's name on their identification tag? The answer - probably not. All you need is the owners surname and address by law. The owners telephone number is also strongly advised.

To summarize

You must ensure you have the following clearly displayed on your dog identification tag, as required by law.

- Owners name/surname

- Owners address & postcode

- Owners contact number (advisable)

Use these resources if you are still unsure as to what information should go on a dog tag , require more information regarding dog identification law or advise on where to find the best identification tag for your dog.

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