Do you engrave on your pet tags?

We often get asked 'do you engrave on your personalised pet tags?' Our answer...'NEVER!'

The reign of the engraved pet tag is over! The constant squinting, trying to read the worn away engraved details are a thing of the past. Yes, deep engraved pet tags are more readable and the hand stamped metal dog tags are gorgeous. BUT it's all about the printed tags now!

With our printed pet tags there is no limit to the number of characters on your pet tag, the information is more readable than when engraved, you can have endless vibrant colours and even print customised artwork or photos. Some printed dog tags can chip or scratch easily during play time or by knocking on the floor during meal times, which is why we've given our dog tags scratch proof superpowers. The resin dome on the top of your personalised information has a particular formula so any scratches pop back over time and 'self-heal' so you're information NEVER fades over time.

Pawesome Pet Tags have a huge variety of pet tag designs including; trending dog tags, build your own dog tags, dog portrait dog tags, cat ID tags and even customised logo pet tags for dog walkers, sitters, groomers and other pet related businesses. Click here to browse our range of Pawesome Pet Tags or print your own customised dog tag and cat ID tags.

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