We use a unique print and dome method to make our Pawesome Pet Tags. It's a technique passed down two generations from our dad and his dad who used the technique in the sporting, manufacturing and motoring industry... only we love animals so much so we have found a new use for it! The formula we use in the dome means it's not just a scratch-proof hard surface, but you'll actually see any marks made on the tag pop up and 'self-heal'. We've given the pet tags their own superpowers! Plus, as we don't need to engrave on our pet tags, we use a strong steel base to reduce the pet tags snapping off and getting lost. 


Are the PAWESOME pet tags waterproof?

Oh yes! The dome protects your information from any water damage so you can play in the sea, pool or rain! Check out our review page to see what previous customers have said. 

How do I ATTACH MY PAWESOME PET TAG on the collar? 


All pet tags are sent with three split rings, made from the same strong steel material and come in two sizes (22mm & 30mm). Take your pick and pop the pet tag on!

What info should I include on my PAWESOME pet tag?

It's totally up to you! Although you may want to keep in mind the Control of Dogs Order 1992 requires the owners name and address (including postcode) should be on the pet tag when out in public. We've also written a more details blog about this. See on our blog page.

Do I have to design the layout OF MY PAWESOME PET TAG?

Nope - we do this for you! All you need to do is tell us the info you want on your pet tag and we'll design the layout to best fit your information. As a guide, we usually place the address at the top, name in the middle and telephone number on the bottom. With, of course, your choice of colour, font & motif!

I'd like more than 10 pet tags...

No problemo. Just pop us an email at and we'll give you a competitive quote for your order.

Can I customise the pet tag(s) with my business/club logo?

Yes! All you need to do is send a PDF file of your logo to; there's more info on our 'LOGO PET TAGS' page. We also offer fantastic discounts for large pet tag orders, perfect if you belong to a dog club, dog training club, society or have your own pet related business such as dog-walking, groomers or pet-sitting.

Where is my order?


We send all orders in 7 working days via second class royal mail. If you're order hasn't arrived in 4 days after receiving your dispatch confirmation email, please pop us an email to and we'll look into it immediately.

I've got my pet tag, It's Pawesome, But the info's wrong...

Remember, we only print what is sent to us, so please double check the information you give us so make sure there are no typos. Due to the personalised nature of our pet tags, we can't accept returns. If we've make a mistake with your order then we will of course replace as quickly as possible, free of charge. Please email



Even superheroes need self-care. Pawesome Pet Tags' self-healing superpowers protects against scratches and marking from wear and tear from rustling in the bushes or rubbing against fur. But these are not toys. Please don't let your pup chew on the pet tags. Biting is our Kryptonite!


 You may have previously ordered from us under the name 'PolyPetTags'. In 2020, we re-branded as Pawesome Pet Tags. Check out our blog page to read more about why we're super excited about our new branding. 


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